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Black Flock Gang & TSTP Entertainment Group: Fast Track from BHM to ATL August 25, 2010

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Black Flock Gang: Notoriety Well Earned

Black Flock Gang has long been known throughout the notorious city of Birmingham as the singular, must see rap act within its city limits. After years of rumors, chit chat and speculation, it was recently announced through sources at Universal Artists, International that the much to do BFG is ready and set to voyage deep into the heart of the great state of Georgia, poised with the assistance of what some say might be the latest powerhouse, TSTP Enterntainment Group, to capture and enthrall the big city of Atlanta with their deft lyrics and shock & awe stage presence. With the assistance of the renowned promotion team, TSTP, Black Flock Gang stands poised at the precipice of stardom. When they take the great leap, their landing is sure to resound from the state’s borders throughout the nation and then onto the world front.

TSTP Entertainment Group, Atlanta GA

TSTP: Georgia's Finest

Who is TSTP? From this reporter’s interpretation of the facts and documents, TSTP Entertainment Group is a confederacy of sorts, with 4 male partners, and one savvy female promoter d’resistance. Its partners include Wayne Cox, Thomas Ford, Sanat Kumara, Antonio “Tony Montana” Cox, and the femme fatal, Lanetris Thomas, respectively. Teamed together in an effort to unite the darker and brighter sides of ATL, the dream team has rocketed the nightlife scene to new heights previously only dreamed of in the minds of the great promoters of yore. With solid integrity, a keen eye for the latest trends, financial wizardry, and brilliant presentation, the TSTP team has transformed the face of ATL from the placid to the realm of indulgence and hedonism.

TSTP: From ATL Celebrity to the Underground

According to a source from Universal Artists, International, “TSTP is and has been a force to be reckoned with. Their recognition and recruiting of the Black Flock Gang to fill their venues across the city and state was pure genius, a union brought together by the label’s head, the highly spoken of President and Global Agent, Joe Stern-McGovern, and the companies head producer, Shaka of Shaka Productions.” With Dem Hardheadz and FA$ Boyz at the helm of the astounding act, Black Flock Gang promises to set the night afire in a sense one can only imagine in the deepest recess of the phantasmal. Combined with the lyrical executioner, Christian Dane, and the firebrand, Ms. Fame, the act has surmounted all expectations, and is more than ready to work with the TSTP Entertainment Group towards a future shared with promise and the fruition of everyone’s wildest dreams. Also look for the new addition, the master of the microphone, Yung Yo.

Blazing Hot: Black Flock Gang

Black Flock Gang: Get Paid

Look for the Black Flock Gang to make a special guest appearance this Thursday, August 26, at the club, Scores, with promoters and hosts, the TSTP Entertainment Group. Together, this combination is pure TNT, a union of genius, promise, and accomplishment which is sure to capture the hearts of the most avid of trendy club hoppers. Look for the linking of TSTP Entertainment Group and the Black Flock Gang in future ventures as well, uniting until they can plant their names firmly in the minds of the good citizens of the South, and then announce to nation and world, “We have arrived, and we are here to stay!”

For more info, please visit http://www.universalartists.net or http://www.blackflockgang.com.

George Martin, Freelance
Universal Artists, International



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